Episode #65: The Grizzly Guy

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In this episode, I interview wildlife naturalist, TV host, and filmmaker, Casey Anderson. Casey has extensive experience working with North American wildlife, in particular, Grizzly Bears. In the interview we discuss bear safety, raising an orphan bear cub, how he got on TV, Sasquatch, and advice for aspiring naturalists.

For more information, please visit Casey’s website:

Bear Charging Video:

Casey & Brutus the Grizzly Bear GOPRO Video:

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Episode #11: Wolves Pt. 2


In order to hear both sides of the controversial wolf reintroduction, I sit down with avid sportsman Caleb. We discuss common wolf criticisms including their impact on deer and elk herds, surplus killings, and encounters with humans. We also touch base on predator management, trophy hunting in Africa, and wildlife conservation.